Coulter to Trump: Get Back to Immigration, Trade, Infrastructure, Building a Wall — Not Paul Ryan’s ‘Standard GOP Corporatist Stuff’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” conservative commentator Ann Coulter, author of “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” echoed her call urging President Donald Trump to get back on track on fulfilling his campaign promises and spend less time on “Paul Ryan’s priorities.”

“They seem to be Paul Ryan’s priorities, and also just the standard GOP corporatist stuff,” Coulter said. “What made Donald Trump stand apart from the crowd and apart from the crowd from every presidential candidate for 20 years was immigration, trade, infrastructure, building a wall. Obviously, that was very, very popular. A lot of people listen to all this time. Look, I like tax cuts. I’d love to have my taxes cut — 50 percent of people don’t even pay taxes. I think the bigger problem now is jobs. And I will not hold the emperor god responsible for this Obamacare-lite bill, but, oh for Pete’s sake. Am I the last person in America who understands the free market?”

“Sean Spicer was very good today explaining to idiot reporters, getting mandated coverage doesn’t mean insurance companies won’t cover it. It means Ann won’t be required to pay for 15 services more like 50 services that I have no interest in,” she continued.

“They’re all talking about Congress is going to give us these things. Congress can give us nothing. The free market can give us things. And they are coming up with the premiums? Who would be better to come up with the premiums — someone whose business it is that needs to come up with a good premium to compete to get my business, and who has disease specialists and actuarial specialists or politicians in Washington?”

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