Leon Panetta: ‘We Have a Dysfunctional Presidency’ at This Moment in Time

Monday on CNN’s “Situation Room,” when asked about the political fight over the Republican health care bill, former CIA Director Leon Panetta called the Donald Trump presidency “dysfunctional.”

Panetta said, “This is a moment when, you know, you wonder why there are angry and frustrated people in this country who look to Washington and see very little getting done. And, you know, we have—there’s no question we have a dysfunctional Congress. I think to some extent we have a dysfunctional presidency as well at this moment in time. And I think everything, everything that can be done to try to put pressure on both Republicans and Democrats to work together to try to resolve these key issues, particularly on health care, is something that ought to be done now.”

“I know the Democrats have to fight the Republicans,” he continued. “I know the Republicans are doing their thing to try to keep this within the party. But I really think that both parties need to look at the larger picture here, which is that literally, the United States of America will be affected by what they do, and they can’t do this in secret, and they can’t do this simply by fighting each other over these kinds of issues. They have to learn to work together to do what is right for our country.”

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