Carlson: Emmys Showed Many of America’s Most Famous Artists Aren’t Artists — ‘Hacks,’ ‘Their Shows Are Dumb’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson offered his thoughts on the annual Primetime Emmy Awards held a night early, which had politics on display with its presentation and choice of award recipients.

Carlson argued the Emmys demonstrated the contempt Hollywood and other elites have for those that voted for Trump and that it also showed that there was not much value in the so-called art they have produced.

Partial transcript as follows:

So celebrities are liberal. They don’t like Trump. Whatever. That’s fine. In fact, it’s normal. That is not what is striking here. Last night’s show wasn’t really about Trump. It was an expression of the contempt America’s ruling class has for the rest of this country, for the zip codes they don’t live in. The middle class elected Donald Trump last November. Last night Hollywood denounced them for doing it.

But don’t kid yourself. You could have heard the exact same contempt for Middle America at any Google board meeting or Facebook employees for that matter, at any bar in Washington where fundraisers from both parties regularly gather. What we are watching now is no longer a debate between conservatives and liberals. It’s an unbridgeable divide between those who have reaped the massive benefits of global capitalism and the rest of the country, which has not.

The winners justify their immense wealth and power by imagining they deserve it. They’re simply better and more deserving than everyone else. The people beneath them deserve what they get, too. They’re disgusting. How do you know they are? They voted for Donald Trump. So, that’s what really going on here?

Dismissing Trump voters as evil allows those actors on stage last night not to mention tech moguls in boardrooms in the entire political establishment here in DC to sustain the current very warped system and still believe they’re not just good people but the very best people.

Last night’s show also exposed something else. Many of America’s most famous artists aren’t really artists. They’re hacks. Their shows are dumb. Their art is crap. They’re not impressive. John Oliver’s sanctimony fest won best variety series. In what world? An utterly distorted world. A place worked by ideology where political imperative supersedes art, a place where everybody has to pretend that Ta-Nehisi Coates writes well, a country in which the wooden stupidity of the ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ is ignored because the story’s message is just a very important at a critical time like this.

That show won five awards last night, by the way. Of course it did. Politics never improves art. It only corrupts art turning free thinkers into robots and beauty into propaganda. We should not be surprised.

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