Gorka: Roy Moore Victory Strengthens Trump — McConnell-Backed SLF’s Steven Law a ‘Yellow Belly’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” former Trump deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka argued for the candidacy of former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, who is up against Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) in a GOP primary runoff for U.S. Senate special election.

Gorka noted that Steven Law, the president and CEO of the Senate Leadership Fund, a super PAC backed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) that has invested heavily in the Alabama Senate race, had gotten a “yellow belly” by refusing to appear with Gorka on the Fox News Channel program. That he said was indicative of the so-called establishment’s fear of a Moore victory next week.

“I’m supporting his agenda,” Gorka said. “This isn’t about who the president has endorsed with great pressure from Mitch McConnell. And let’s be accurate about what happened tonight – I was told Steve Law, who runs Mitch McConnell’s PAC for this race actually accepted [an invitation] to come on this show and when he heard I was coming on, he got a yellow belly and just ran. So, that tells you the establishment is afraid of the president’s agenda winning in Alabama on Tuesday.”

Host Bret Baier asked Gorka about the division between him and others that had been supporters of President Donald Trump and Trump himself, who is backing Strange. Gorka insisted he was helping to promote the Trump agenda by supporting Moore over Strange.

“The president has gone with the forces of the establishment on this one candidate,” Gorka added. “But guess what happens – when Judge Moore wins on Tuesday, it will strengthen the president because now he’ll be able to go to the establishment GOP – to the swamp dwellers and say, ‘Hey guys, we are back on my agenda. This wasn’t worth it.’ So, the president is going to stay – he’s going to return to the Make America Great Again agenda. We just have to help him, and we’re going to do it from the outside by endorsing people like Judge Moore.”

Gorka ended his interview by criticizing McConnell for the investment into the candidacy of Strange, who Gorka noted had been a professional lobbyist but in place by former Gov. Robert Bentley (R-AL), who left office in the midst of a sex scandal.

“It’s a real embarrassing that Mitch McConnell has spent $9 million on a professional lobbyist who was put in place as a senator by a governor who then had to be removed from office. What does that tell you? We could have spent those $9 million on lots of really important things for Americans. So yes, I think it’s a sad indictment of the GOP swamp-dwellers.”

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