Mo Brooks: 80-90% Chance Dems Take House, 50/50 Chance They Take Senate If Roy Moore Loses

In an appearance on Huntsville, AL WVNN radio’s “The Dale Jackson Show” on Tuesday, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) warned a Roy Moore loss to Doug Jones in the December 12 U.S. Senate special election would have a “cascading effect” for congressional Republicans in 2018.

Brooks told host Dale Jackson there was an 80-90 percent chance the GOP would lose the House and a 50 percent chance they would lose the Senate if Jones pulled off the upset victory.

“A lot depends on the outcome of the Senate race in Alabama,” Brooks said. “I think the general consensus is if we lose this Senate seat in Alabama to the Democrats – the cascading effect will be that there will be an 80 or 90 percent probability that the Democrats will recapture the House of Representatives and we will have Nancy Pelosi as the speaker. And then, what used to be an opportunity for the Republicans to gain seats in the United States Senate, we know will have roughly a 50/50 chance of losing the United States Senate and put Chuck Schumer in charge of the United States Senate, which means the next two years will be all about impeachment of Donald Trump.”

Brooks explained that a Democratic win would give their efforts a boost for 2018, including fundraising and volunteer participation.

“The House is where the impeachment proceedings would begin,” he added. “If we lose this Senate seat, you’re looking at an 80 or 90 percent probability in my judgment that the Democrats capture the House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi is the new Speaker of the House. That belief is based on a number of factors – one, you’ll see a huge invigoration of the Democratic donor base. They’ve been despondent over the last six years because they keep contributing money without getting results. Now they’re going to get results. My gosh, they won a Senate seat in ruby-red Alabama.”

“They can win anywhere, and that kind of message is going to dramatically increase contributions to Democrats,” he continued. “It’s going to dramatically increase the vigor of the volunteers who work on behalf of the Democratic candidates. And those two things combined will enable the Democrats to recruit a much higher quality candidate. And all of those things put together are based on Democrats winning a ruby-red Senate seat in Alabama will have the effect of dramatically increasing the odds that the Democrat will capture the House of Representatives in 2018, and capture the United States Senate. That’s how big this Senate race is in Alabama. There’s a huge cascading effect from it.”

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