Mark Steyn: Steinle Verdict ‘a Miscarriage of Justice in the Profoundest Sense’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” conservative commentator Mark Steyn ripped a San Francisco jury’s decision to acquit Jose Ines Garcia Zarate of murder and manslaughter charges for the death of Kate Steinle.

“I think it is a miscarriage of justice in the profoundest sense in that Kate Steinle is dead because she went for a walk in a popular destination in her own city and her parents will never see anybody convicted for that crime,” he said. “There’s no dispute — I mean, this is slightly different from the O.J. [Simpson] case, where he pretended to look for the real killers for the last 20 years. There is no dispute that this guy actually fired the shot, or picked up the gun that then shot itself and that this gunshot killed Kate Steinle. And there’s no dispute either that this man should not have been in the country and in fact, he had been deported six times.”

“You don’t need to import foreigners to add to your murderer population,” he added.

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