Tucker Carlson Responds to Bill Kristol — ‘Former Intellectual Who Now Exists Primarily on Twitter’

On the Thursday broadcast of his Fox News Channel program, Tucker Carlson responded to Weekly Standard co-founder Bill Kristol’s attack on him and his show, which he described as “ethno-nationalism of some kind” and “close to racism.”

Carlson described Kristol as “a former intellectual who now primarily exists on Twitter” and noted Kristol’s employment status.

“A quick programming note — as the debate over immigration has risen to the top of the news in recent weeks, a number of figures on the left have denounced the show as racist. It’s notable that not a single one of them has offered any evidence to support the slur or even bother to rebut the arguments we make every night. They just make loud noises about white supremacy and assume that’s an argument. Of course, the rest of the media dutifully repeat that. The latest person to attack our show is former Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol. Now, there’s an awful lot of ways to respond to Kristol, a former intellectual who now primarily exists on Twitter and we considered them, but why? Kristol discredited himself years ago that’s why he no longer has a full-time job.”

Carlson went on to say instead of elaborating on Kristol, he would lay out his position on immigration policy and highlighted why that policy should be a benefit to the country.

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