Jorge Ramos: Republicans Want To Change ‘Essence’ of United States, ‘Make America White Again’

Monday on “Anderson Cooper 360,” Univision’s Jorge Ramos said President Donald Trump and the Republicans immigration proposal true purpose is to “have a white country again.”

Partial transcript as follows:

COOPER: It is — don’t you think it is up to the Democrats to make some concessions here since they’re not in control of either chamber of Congress? Republicans do hold the cards.

RAMOS: The fact is, Republicans with these negotiations, they want to change the essence, I think, of the United States. I mean, do they really want to make America white again? Is that the deal? What I have seen from the Democratic side, and from talking with the DREAMers, is that they’re willing to negotiate DACA for a few miles of wall, maybe 300, 350 miles of wall. That’s as much as they can go. But to tell them that from now on, everything is going to change, that change migration has to be stopped, that in other words that family unification is no longer going to be the immigration principle that’s going to guide us into this tolerant, diverse, multiracial and multicultural country. I don’t see it. The way I see it, DACA for just a few miles of wall. But nothing else.

COOPER: To those in the Republican Party who are talking about chain migration and see it as an issue and to talk about merit-based immigration, what is, in your opinion, wrong with merit-based immigration, in terms of somebody’s professional capabilities? Somebody’s educational background?

RAMOS: I think family reunification has merits, too. It’s worked beautifully since 1965. 40% of all the Founders of fortune 500 countries are immigrants or sons of immigrants. In other words, this is a system that works. When they talk about chain migration, they’re really saying, you know, we want to have a white country again. We want to go back to 1965, when almost 80%, 90% of the people were not Hispanic, whites. That’s not the idea of this country. We agreed after 1965. We wanted a diverse, multicultural country. The way they want to do it is, I think, they want to reverse this incredible demographic trend, that would make America a minority-majority country.

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