Stacey Abrams Will Consider Being Vice President — It’s a ‘Cool Job’

During the “Cape Up” podcast interview with Washington Post opinion writer Jonathan Capehart released on Tuesday, 2018 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams acknowledged she was interested in being vice president.

Abrams said, “Yes … The vice president is a cool job.”

Abrams clarified she would only be interested in the position once a nominee is selected.

She continued, “As a vice presidential nominee, I think I could be a very effective ally to the nominee in turning out voters and actually turning out voters of every stripe.”

Explaining she met with all the top-tier candidates, Abrams added, “Most people don’t have to or don’t get to talk about whether they wannabe vice president because you don’t really talk about this, but because of that speculation, I’ve been thrust into this very weird position of either seeming ambitious and obnoxious or coy and diffident. I am neither of those things. I’m a black woman who is in a conversation I about possibly being second in command to the leader of the free world, and I will not diminish my ambition or the ambition of any other woman of color by saying that’s not something I would be willing to do.”

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