VIDEO: Police Officer Fights Back Tears After Receiving Gift in Tribute to Fallen K9

A Washington state police officer had a touching reaction when a family gave him a Christmas gift to cope with the loss of his beloved K9 companion.

The video showed the Pasco, Washington, police officer breaking down in tears after opening the box. The man could not describe how he felt when he discovered it was a stuffed animal made in the likeness of his favorite K9 named Lemon, who passed away three weeks earlier.

Cassandra Berg, one of the family members, said the officer helped her family through a difficult time by allowing their children into the police station to see the K9s.

“We thought there was no hope, but just that one day with some caring officers and their dogs, it just showed me and my family that we had hope again,” Berg said.

The officer thanked the family for their generosity.


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