Trump Supporters React to Being Onstage: ‘I Love the Guy,’ ‘He’s Like Family’

“I love guy,” said a supporter of President Donald Trump to Breitbart News after being called onstage during the president’s “Keep America Great” campaign rally in Las Vegas, NV, on Friday.

“We just shook the hand of the most popular man in the world,” said Megan Heaps, wearing a hat with the message, “TRUMP 2020,” and a red, white, and blue “Make America Great Again” hoodie.

“How else would you feel?” asked Heaps. “He’s a superhero.”

A nearby rally-goer interjected, “Greatest president of all time!”

Blake Marnell, a Trump supporter who was also called onto the event’s stage with Trump, noted the camaraderie felt between rally-goers at Trump’s campaign events. While wearing a wall-themed suit and tie with a red brick pattern, he said:

I just wish I had more time to thank [Donald Trump] in person for everything he’s done for all Americans. This president unites us like no other, and every rally I go to, one thing I’ve started to like more is just meeting everybody in line beforehand. There’s so many stories about people who didn’t vote for him in 2016; they’re gonna vote for him in 2020, and that’s just like me. I wasn’t even registered [to vote] in 2016 and everybody has got a story about why they came in to support President Trump because there are so many things he’s done fantastic.

“It’s just wonderful,” added Marnell. “I’ve got a new member of my rally family, Megan, and it’s just gonna be awesome. I’m ecstatic.”

Asked about her composure when asked to join the president on-stage, Heaps said, “I was prepared for it because, I’m telling you, I love the guy and so I wasn’t nervous. I felt like Trump is like everybody’s grandpa. He’s like the daddy that we always wanted or the grandpa. He’s like family.”

“He’s like the friend you’ve always known,” added Marnell.

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