FNC’s Wallace: Trump Team Looks ‘Silly’ to Deny the Reality of Tulsa Rally Crowd Size

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace spared with Trump campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp during her interview on “Fox News Sunday” over Saturday night’s crowd size at the rally for President Donald Trump in Tulsa, OK.

Wallace said, “Mercedes, the Trump campaign said that more than a million people wanted tickets for this rally but we also the pictures last night, that the arena was no more than two-thirds full and the outdoor rally that had been planned for the overflow crowd was canceled because there was no overflow crowd. Question, what happened?”

Schlapp said, “Let me explain when it comes to understanding how the rallies work, it’s a first-come, first-served basis. Basically, what the 1 million RSVP’s include — it’s an opportunity for us to gather data, to get information, obviously. So the key here that is important is to understand, and I had this with my own personal family who lives far away from Tulsa, that they were concerned, there were factors involved, they were concerned about the protesters who were coming in. There were protesters who blocked it, so we saw that have an impact in terms of people coming to the rally, but what was amazing, Chris, was the fact that 5.3 million people watched it on all of our digital media channels. So the reach was far and wide. That didn’t even include the TV numbers. We also did a pretty rally show, and that was over 2 million views. We’re living in a virtual time as well.”

Wallace said, “The fact is the president talks about the attendance at his events. As we all know, he made a big issue of the attendance at his inauguration. He talks about how he can fill in the arena and that Joe Biden can’t. He didn’t fill in the arena last night — if may finish, and you guys were so far off that you had planned an outdoor rally, and there wasn’t an overflow crowd.”

Schlapp said, “I’m telling you there were people and families who couldn’t bring their children because of concerns of the protesters.”

Wallace said, “We’re showing pictures here, and it shows big empty areas. Frankly, it makes you guys look silly when you deny the reality of what happened.”

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