NY Cardinal Timothy Dolan: St. Patrick’s Cathedral Vandalism an Example of ‘Anarchy and Nihilism’

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan on Tuesday addressed the vandalism at St. Patrick’s Cathedral as part of the unrest since George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

Dolan said on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria” that the looting and vandalism seen not only at St. Patrick’s but other cathedrals around the United States are “examples of anarchy and nihilism.”

“It’s very sad, it’s very sobering because what you’re looking at would be examples anarchy and nihilism,” Dolan told host Maria Bartiromo. “Protesters — and thanks be to God the overwhelming majority of protesters were not involved in such degrading episodes of defacement — those kind of violent protesters know what they are doing. And they know if you can chisel away, cheapen and deface a sign of what is most noble and uplifting and God-like in the human enterprise, you are going to have some success. That’s what they tried to do with St. Patrick’s Cathedral, that’s what they tried to do with St. John the divine. It shows the extremes to which they will go to kind of bring society into a state of nihilism and anarchy. We can’t let that triumph.”

Dolan also said New York police told him they do not think the vandalism was anti-church or anti-religion, but rather just “running up and down the street just spraying any brick in sight.”

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