WH CoS Meadows: Trump ‘the Only Thing That Stands Between a Mob and the American People’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” White House chief of staff Mark Meadows discussed Trump administration offers to help governments in New York City and Chicago as violence is on the rise in those two cities.

Meadows explained how the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security were at the ready to aid local law enforcement.

“We saw a dramatic change, Sean, and the tragic news that you’re sharing tonight,” Meadows said. “Unfortunately, it’s going to repeat itself over and over again if we do not get behind our law enforcement if we do not make sure that we stand up for law and order. And this president is doing exactly that. In fact, he’s the only thing that stands between a mob and the American people. You know, first, it’s the statues. Then it’s the businesses. Then it’s their homes. You know, sadly, we have a loss of life, and yet this president is willing and not only willing but has already put forth federal resources to make sure that we can restore law and order.”

“He did that about 10 days ago, not only in D.C. but across the nation,” he continued. “That’s the untold story where this president was willing and did indeed provide federal resources in Minneapolis, as you mention. Also, in Seattle, Portland, when we look at some of these cities, St. Louis, as he goes forward, he’s making sure that we have not only the Department of Justice but the Department of Homeland Security and others to make sure that our communities are safe. It is time that Joe Biden eventually condemns all of these people that are saying that we should defund the police. It’s not enough to be against that policy. He needs to come out and say, you have to go the other way and support our law enforcement officers.”

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