Behar: GOP Is a Bankrupt Cult — ‘Against Everything that Would Help Americans’

Joy Behar told her co-hosts Thursday on ABC’s “The View” that the Republican Party was a bankrupt cult that is “against everything that would help Americans.”

Whoopi Goldberg asked, “The House just passed a bill to expand rights and accessibility, and Republicans in 43 states released 253 bills to tighten restrictions. Now we just had the largest voter turnout in American history in an election that was overwhelmingly confirmed by more than 60 courts and the entire intelligence community. So Joy, what additional election integrity are Republicans looking for here?”

Behar said, “Integrity is not the right word. The Republican Party cannot win without lying, cheating or suppressing the vote, and they know it. Why else would they try to stop mail-in voting, Sunday voting, automatic registration? Why would they do that otherwise? The attorney general of Arizona, he himself said the Republican Party said that they are defending voting restrictions because, quote, ‘It puts us at a competitive disadvantage.’ Translation, the fewer people who vote, the likelier it is for them to win. Okay? They have nothing to offer Americans. It is a bankrupt party. They didn’t even bother coming up with a platform last election. It’s a cult of personality now. They are against everything that would help Americans. Health care for all, this package that Joe Biden is trying to pass for COVID relief, the minimum wage. They’re against everything that would help Americans, and Americans are catching on, and that’s why they have to suppress the vote.”

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