Scarborough Rips Biden for Governing as a ‘Leftist’ — ‘It Has Failed Miserably’

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Wednesday criticized President Joe Biden’s first year in office.

Scarborough highlighted how Biden ran and won as a moderate but has since “decided” to “govern as a leftist.” He added that “has failed miserably.”

“One of the great mysteries for historians — they’re going to look back and say, how is it that this guy ran against a dozen or so progressives? He was the only moderate. He ran as a moderate. He won as a moderate. Every single progressive got rejected. Like, those debates were crazy. They were talking about reimplementing busing. They were so far left. They wanted to give health care to illegal immigrants. Like, it was so — come across the border, and we’ll give you health care. It was so wildly out of the mainstream of where about 80% of Americans are.”

He continued, “Biden ran as a moderate. Biden won as a moderate. Biden decided, and his people around him, I guess, decided, that he was going to govern as a leftist. It has failed miserably in the expectations game.”

Scarborough noted that Biden’s moderate approaches have been effective but said, “All of these attempts to be progressive have ended up failing miserably.”

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