Exclusive Video — Ottawa Protester: Nobody Should ‘Suffer from Isolation’ or Be ‘Stigmatized for a Personal Decision’

Robert Kraychik / Breitbart News

Governmental coronavirus vaccine mandates make people “suffer from isolation,” Wayne, a demonstrator supporting the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, ON, told Breitbart News on Saturday.

Wayne, who travelled to Ottawa from Toronto, told Breitbart News why. “I’m here to support all the people here. It’s about time…. It’s about time, because people can’t live in fear. They can’t be isolated. They can’t suffer from isolation and being alone and also being stigmatized for a personal decision that should be nobody else’s business.”

He told Breitbart News that his sister would not speak with him due to his opposition to government restrictions.

Wayne said he decided to come to Canada’s capital to experience the Freedom Convoy firsthand after watching livestreams of the demonstration.

He remarked, “I knew after watching all the people here that we’re basically one big family under the umbrella of the country of Canada, but we’re being isolated. We’re being segregated. I knew I had to be here to actually see and experience the feeling of mutual togetherness — of being together — to stand for a cause.”

“We just want government out of our lives,” he added.

Wayne concluded, “I don’t want anybody at all governing what I can say, do, hear, [or] whether I should not put on a muzzle to just go about my daily life.”


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