Elie Mystal: All Republicans ‘Know How to Do’ Is Lie — They Are ‘Willing to Sell Out the Country’

The Nation’s justice correspondent Elie Mystal said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In” that all Republicans know how to do is lie, and there is nothing as a party they won’t do for power.

Mystal said, “This is a lesson that we all need to learn and should’ve learned circa 2015. These people live for a living. All they know how to do is lie. If they’re not under oath, everything they say should be viewed as a lie. If Donald Trump says, I had a cheeseburger for dinner the thing that should happen next is a voice-over saying that MSNBC News could not confirm whether or not Trump got the cheeseburger or chicken nuggets in his Happy Meal. We have to independently verify everything they say because all they do is a lie. That’s all they know how to do.”

He added, “Republicans have been playing this game for my entire life, this idea that there are good Republicans, there are decent Republicans, there are Republicans that are not willing to sell out the country for an extra marginal percentage on the tax break then there are the crazy ones. Right they are always trying to tell us this.”

Mystal concluded, “This idea that there is something Republicans aren’t willing to do for more power just hasn’t held up throughout history in terms of movement within their party. Are their individual Republicans who do seem to have some measure of integrity? Yes, there are individual humans when the rubber hits the road who can come to find something within themselves that resembles integrity and push it. But in terms of that being a wing of the party, are you kidding me? They just don’t know how to operate like that. This goes back to our media training and our media understanding. We have to be able to listen to the news critically and understand that lying liars lie and will continue to lie.”

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