VP Harris: GOP Agenda About ‘Taking Away the Individual Right to Make Private Decisions’

Vice President Kamala Harris said Thursday to Vice News that Republicans’ agenda was about “taking away the individual right to make private decisions for themselves.”

Harris said, “People are afraid, people are really afraid. People are afraid because those who might get pregnant are afraid of laws that might criminalize them and punish them. People are afraid because of the fact that a constitutional right to privacy that had been recognized has been taken away. There are a lot of constitutional rights that flow from the right to privacy that therefore are at risk, including the right to contraception, the right to marry the person who you love.”

She continued, “Right now we are looking at a situation where the women of America cannot make a decision with their loved ones, with whomever they choose but instead their government making a decision about when you are going to start a family when you are going to become pregnant.”

Harris added, “When the Dobbs decision came down, the proponents of that decision said we want to leave it to the states. Within about 12 weeks now, they want a national ban which means they are moving the goalposts. They are now saying there should be a national ban, a blanket ban in all states. I think people should pay close attention to the fact that there is there is an agenda at play that really is about taking away the individual right to make private decisions for themselves. Another way I think about it is making decisions for heart and home.”

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