Chicago Alderman: ‘Many’ Dems Doing ‘Great Pivot’ from ‘Pro-Criminal Policies’

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends First,” Chicago Alderman and mayoral candidate Raymond Lopez stated that “many Democrats are doing what I call the great pivot” away from “left-leaning, pro-criminal policies,” but will ultimately be judged by their actions in the past few years and will have a tough time in “elections for years to come.”

Co-host Todd Piro asked, “Well, the American people seem to get it, new polling showing crime topping abortion as voters’ highest priority with Republicans taking a 14% lead on the issue. Raymond, we know you’re a Democrat, how many more reminders does your party need — you, of course, notwithstanding — before they wake up and take crime seriously?”

Lopez answered, “Well, I think what we’re seeing now, Todd, is that many Democrats are doing what I call the great pivot. They’re trying to step back from some of their left-leaning, pro-criminal policies, trying to pivot back to saying that they’re for safe communities, safe neighborhoods, safe cities. But they will be judged by their actions over the last few years. And unless they were Democratic leaders willing to stand up and defend people, and not be a part of the criminal enablement establishment, they’re going to have a hard time going into — not only this November election — but elections for years to come. Because no one is going to forget the unease and the feeling of unsafe neighborhoods that have been engendered by the Democratic policies up to this point. I’ve said numerous times, public safety is nonpartisan, and, unfortunately, many politicians are learning that lesson way too late.”

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