Ex-BLM Activist DuRousseau: San Francisco Reparations Plan ‘Gaslighting’ Black People

Former Black Lives Matter activist Xavier DuRousseau said Wednesday Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle.” said San Francisco’s “unrealistic” reparations plan, saying it’s a way to “gaslight” black Americans.

DuRousseau said, “This is 111 ways to gaslight black Americans into thinking that we need to be dependent on a system of handouts in order to be successful.”

Host Laura Ingraham said, “Well, right now, it seems like the San Francisco board of supervisors and then the task force on reparations in California that they are dangling the prospect of a lot of money and a lot of property and a lot of debt forgiveness. Does this end up blowing up in their faces?”

DuRousseau said, “Absolutely. This is never going to happen It is so unrealistic to think that the average family in San Francisco is going to be able to pay $600,000 extra apiece. When people look at this list of the things that they’re recommending, the most alarming thing for going most is the five million dollars goin g to each black person.”

He added, “It’s disgusting to me that we are more focused on slavery, which ended in 1865, than we’re focused on veterans who are on the streets of San Francisco, homeless and begging for spare change in 2023. That’s where they need to start sending their money.”

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