DeSantis: ‘Our Voters Are Very Motivated’ — We Will Do Well in Iowa

Republican presidential hopeful Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of The Union” that his voters were “very motivated.”

Therefore, he will do well in Monday’s Iowa Caucuses, he said.

Anchor Jake Tapper said, “So the final Des Moines Register poll, considered the gold standard, shows you in third place, trailing Nikki Haley, more than 30 points behind Donald Trump. Your campaign is focused so much attention and millions of dollars into Iowa. You’ve visited 99 counties and spent most of your time as a candidate there. Last month, you said you were going to win in Iowa. What happens if you finish third? Is that the end of your campaign?”

DeSantis said, “We’re going to do well on Monday. Our voters are very motivated. I think it is very hard to poll an Iowa caucus. The Des Moines Registers poll, which the ’16 poll was not accurate but, especially one in negative 20 degrees. So these are folks that are very motivated. We have spent a lot of time in Iowa because we’ve gone door-to-door, getting people to commit to caucus to us. And we have a huge number of people that have committed to caucus, and we expect that these are the people that turn out. So there is a lot of excitement on the ground. We’re in this for the long haul. We understand that you have to win a majority of the delegates. Our folks will turn out. And anyone that tells you that they could model exactly who is going to turn out in the broader electorate, it is an unknowable. But with our folks, they’re committed and will be there, and we’ll have a good night.”

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