Maher: Reaction of Sanctuary Cities Shows Immigration Isn’t Good for U.S. with Current System

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated that under our current system, immigration hasn’t been positive for the U.S. and the reaction of sanctuary cities to having migrants bused to them shows this.

Maher began by saying that “some immigration” is “the lifeblood of this country.”

Later in the segment, CNN Senior Political Commentator and former Obama Adviser Van Jones stated, “Immigration is good for America. It’s positive for America.”

Maher then responded, “Not the way we’re doing it.”

He added, “And you would also allow, I would imagine, that the sanctuary cities, the hypocrisy was exposed there. Because when they started to send the immigrants to those cities…some of the most liberal people are like, oh, this doesn’t work for us.”

Jones responded that we need to fix the current system and “People have been coming here and gaming our system. That is true. It’s like if somebody figured out a quasi-legal way to jump the turnstiles into the subway, and suddenly now, the subway is full of people who didn’t pay. That’s what’s going on at the border, people are jumping the turnstile. And you need to fix that.” He also acknowledged that sanctuary cities didn’t want migrants sent to them.

Later, Maher said that, like with any major issue, “there [are] winners and losers. It’s true, the people who are just above immigrants on the economic scale, they always get f*cked when immigrants come into the country.”

He concluded by stating that “most of the people who get here are the ones who are most ambitious.”

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