Marlow: Nothing to Indicate Biden Is Going Anywhere

Breitbart editor-in-chief and New York Times bestselling Breaking Biden author Alex Marlow said Monday on Real America’s Voice’s “The Charlie Kirk Show” that “as of now,” President Joe Biden will be the Democratic Party presidential nominee.

Discussing Biden, Kirk asked, “Unless he has a break and ends up in a wheelchair he is going to ride this all the way through with defiance, with anger and it makes you wonder is that the best way to win an election Alex Marlow?”

Marlow said, “It is absolutely not. It is not the best way to win the election. It is going to take some kind of miracle for him to win the election in my opinion. Now I think for those of you at home, I’m not a rest on your laurels guy, we need to fight for every last solitary vote and if you are not doing that they you honestly don’t take this country seriously. So take that into consideration that we can not act like this thing is over.”

He added, “If his jaw fails out of his head the next time he goes to gives a speech it is impossible to see that he can win an election or even potentially stay as the nominee but as of now if they can just put a kickstand underneath him there is nothing to indicate, from my vantage point that he is going anywhere.”

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