McCarthy: Biden’s Not Fit, But He’s the One Ordering Around Staff, Calling the Shots in White House

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle,” former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy stated that it’s clear from his behavior in meetings that President Joe Biden isn’t capable of serving, but he still ultimately makes the decisions.

McCarthy said, “Well, the first thing you realize is, something’s wrong because the White House is so quiet. Nothing is buzzing in the Oval Office, it’s just him, and really, you’re only dealing between 8 and about 10 and 2 in the afternoon that you go to see him. But every meeting I had was different. The first thing I found out is, every meeting, no matter if it’s a few people, he had to talk from a card. And what I found was, I disrupted him once…he’d close it and he couldn’t carry on the conversation. So, I found it as an advantage to let him start and then interject. The other thing I know, sometimes he’d whisper. You didn’t know what he said. He’d always tell you these old stories back with Reagan. And so, you kind of stopped negotiating ever with him and you went to staff. And staff knew it. Staff just stayed quiet.”

McCarthy added that Biden was different from meeting to meeting and could be more engaged in some.

After the discussion turned to the nuclear launch codes, McCarthy concluded, “He still makes the decision. He will yell and make the decision.”

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