Video: Chilling Moment Gunmen Shoot Up Jersey City Kosher Supermarket

The Yeshiva World; Edit: BNN

Chilling footage of two suspected gunmen with their firearms drawn while storming a Jersey City kosher supermarket emerged online Wednesday.

The video begins with one suspect exiting a white U-Haul van after parking on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, across the street from the kosher store. Next, the suspect is seen drawing a rifle and walking across the street toward the storefront, prompting pedestrians to flee the sidewalk. As the suspect begins opening fire inside the store, a second suspect emerges from the van with a rifle around their shoulder and follows the first gunman’s lead. Toward the end of the 50-second-clip, an Orthodox Jewish man wearing a black hat and jacket is seen bolting in terror from inside the store.

The suspects killed three people inside the store after shooting dead Jersey City detective Joseph Seals at a nearby cemetery. The suspects were later killed during a drawn-out firefight with police.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop said authorities believe the deadly incident was a “targeted” attack.

One of the suspects, David Anderson, is reportedly a one-time follower of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, a controversial group that believes that African-Americans are the real descendants of the biblical Children of Israel.

Authorities found antisemitic and anti-police content posted by Anderson online, WNBC-TV reported. He also had a previous criminal record.

The other suspect was identified as Francine Graham.


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