Trimming the ‘Trees’: Florida Man Hands Out Marijuana for Christmas

Richard Spurrier
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

A St. Petersburg, Florida, man was arrested on Saturday for handing out weed to passers-by for Christmas.

Richard Ellis Spurrier, 67, was taken into custody with 45 grams of marijuana on his person. Spurrier was standing on 16 2nd Street North, handing out ganja to anyone who might need fuel for a gingerbread binge. According to the Pinellas County arrest report, Spurrier freely admitted his act of charity was “because it was Christmas.”

Spurrier was arrested for possession with intent to sell, though it seems unlikely that his 1.6 ounces would have gotten very far even if he had charged. After he was taken into custody, police also found a sword — yes, a sword — inside a cane in his car. Spurrier did not specify whether that was because it was Christmas, or just because this is Florida.

He was released from Pinellas County Jail on Sunday.


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