WATCH: Couple Allegedly Tries to Steal Handcuffed Man’s Gold Chain Necklace

Las Vegas , Nevada

Two people were seen in a video reportedly trying to snatch a man’s chain necklace as he was being held by a security guard in Las Vegas.

In the clip shared online, a man was filmed lying on his stomach on a sidewalk with his hands behind his back, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.

Twitter user im coming in Hott posted the video on Tuesday, writing, “caught this gem last night…. My mans getting arrested and they trying to come up on dudes chain.”

The footage showed a woman in a white dress crouched beside the man as she appeared to try and remove his necklace. However, the moment he moved his head, she stood up and walked away:

Moments later, a man in a black shirt entered the frame, bent down, and apparently tried to take the man’s chain while pulling his head and neck to one side.

“Hey! Leave his shit alone!” someone behind the camera shouted. The man in the black shirt stepped back and appeared to leave as the video ended.

Although the officer pushed the two individuals away from the scene, it was unclear if they were taken into custody or why the man on the sidewalk was being detained, the Mail report said.

Twitter users expressed their opinions regarding the clip, one writing, “People be zombies for money today it’s crazy. In front of police like you can’t get arrested too?”

Meanwhile, Las Vegas police arrested over 1,200 people on the Strip amid a three-month operation to cut down on violence in the area, the Associated Press (AP) reported in January.

According to police Captain Dori Koren, the agency’s Convention Center Area Command arrested 1,229 individuals, confiscated 64 guns, and charges included disorderly conduct, assault, battery, robbery, and illegal shooting.


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