Man Accused of Jumping into Train Operator’s Seat in Chicago

A 30-year-old man was accused of taking the operator’s seat on a CTA Blue Line train in Chicago on Friday evening.

The incident occurred at the 700 S. Cicero Avenue Station on the West Side, ABC 7 reported Saturday.

The man had reportedly been waiting on the platform before crawling into the train operator’s cabin through a window.

“The conductor was able to power down and properly secure the train before exiting with the keys, police said,” the outlet continued, adding the suspect was unsuccessful in getting the train to move.

The suspect was eventually arrested; however, nothing was broken, and no one at the scene was hurt.

In April, Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez criticized Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) as crime continued to plague the city.

“I believe in the greatness of Chicago, but clearly this is not the Chicago that I grew up in. I did not grow up in a city that coddles criminals, that enables bad behavior, and turns a blind eye to the plight of victims in our city,” he said:

“That is Lori Lightfoot… you have to support first responders, you have to support our police trying to maintain law and order. You have to rebuild and grow an economy by expanding opportunities and allowing businesses to flourish and not just operating on a hand-out driven society,” Lopez continued.

Meanwhile, Democrat-controlled Chicago was among other big cities at the forefront of urban residential decline, according to recent U.S. Census Bureau estimates.

“As Breitbart News reported, inner city crime is a common factor in major cities across America, with the problems besetting Chicago emblematic of how widely spread the problem of violence is,” the outlet said in May.

In addition, Chicago’s rising crime was also causing tourists to think twice about visiting, according to experts, CBS Chicago reported on May 17:

Per the ABC 7 article, charges in the case remained pending.


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