Support Pours in for New York Mother After Loss of Toddler to Fentanyl

China Blinken

A New York toddler’s mysterious fentanyl overdose has tormented her mother for almost a year. Though the pain of losing her daughter will never go away, strangers from around the world have stepped in to help lessen the weight.

Mehlaya succumbed to a fatal overdose at her grandmother’s Syracuse home when she was just two years old on April 25, 2023, reported. No charges were filed in relation to her death, and the Onondaga District Attorney’s Office is still investigating ten months later.

Meanwhile, Heaven Blue has been distraught — carrying her late daughter’s remains in a zip-lock bag whenever she goes. 

A recent interview with Blue has gone viral, touching the hearts of many people who heard and related to her story. 

In a January 25 video that has since been viewed over 1.2 million times, Blue recalled how becoming a mom to Mehlaya at just 18 years old gave her “strength.”

Describing how she went through her teenage pregnancy alone after being bounced between foster care and group homes, she said, “I chose to have my daughter because I didn’t have a mom. My mom battled with mental illness.”

“I told myself the first time I had a baby, I’m gonna be the best mom I never had,” Blue told

“It was very hard but my daughter became my best friend,” she continued, describing Mehlaya as “the light that I never knew I needed.”

When she received a call that her daughter wasn’t breathing while she was at work, Blue said she felt her heart “shatter.”

“I haven’t felt it come back since,” the mourning mother said, recalling how her daughter was already dead when she rushed to the hospital.

“I let her go with people that I thought … was going to be good to her,” Blue said. “But my daughter died from an overdose with fentanyl in her system. And nobody … knows how that happened.”

“I don’t want nobody to have to feel that pain … I want justice for Lay-Lay,” the mother added, showing her plastic bag full of her baby’s ashes. 

Following the interview, Blue received thousands of comments with support and prayers from around the globe.

One kind stranger even donated an urn and a locket so that she could properly store Mehlaya’s remains.

Rochelle Swieton of Central New York sent the items to Blue, who immediately relocated her baby’s ashes to them.

Swieton told the outlet that she feels better knowing the locket will allow Mehlaya to still be physically close to Blue’s heart.

“The article touched me in a way that is hard to explain,” Swieton said. “I felt such sadness for Heaven and Mehlaya.”

According to Blue, “It’s the first time after my daughter’s death that I’ve felt OK, that I’ve felt like I’m not alone.”

“It’s the best love I’ve felt since my daughter died,” she added. “I appreciate all the love and support.”

A GoFundMe page created by Blue has also received over $5,000 in donations from those who want to help the mother get back on her feet and get justice for her child.

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