Syracuse U. Prof Placed on Leave After Writing ‘Wuhan Flu’ in Syllabus

Syracuse University Professor Jon Zubieta was placed on leave this week after students complained about his use of the term “Wuhan flu” a syllabus for a Chemistry course. In the syllabus, Zubieta also referred to the virus as the “Chinese Communist Party Virus.” According to the university, Zubieta’s language is “offensive to Chinese, international and Asian-Americans everywhere.”

Syracuse Prof Jon Zubieta

Syracuse U. Will Punish ‘Bystanders’ to Racial Incidents

An administrator at Syracuse University announced the adoption of a new policy that will impose sanctions on those that merely witness a racial incident on campus. Earlier this year, a conservative student was forced to leave Syracuse after she claimed officials failed to protect her from threats of violence that were made by students in response to her activism.

Syracuse University

Watch: Student-Athletes From Each Final Four Team Perform National Anthem

Just before tipoff Saturday, student-athletes representing each Final Four school performed a touching national anthem. The singers were: Oklahoma volleyball player Madison Ward, Villanova women’s basketball player Karlie Crispin, North Carolina men’s soccer player Nico Melo and Syracuse men’s track and field athlete Chevis

national anthem

New York: Top 50 Student-Athletes to Watch in 2015-16

Syracuse plays short-handed due to probation. The best St. John’s player quit because of the strictness of new coach Chris Mullin (pictured), and Donovan McNabb won the last football game between ranked teams when his Syracuse Orange defeated Army in 1996. There are 50 players to watch this season in New York, and they are spread over 18 colleges and several high schools in a state dominated by pro sports.


Oppressive Taxes and Regulations Killing Upstate New York Economy

Oppressive government regulations and taxes beating down Upstate New Yorkers have assaulted the region for years, leaving cities like Binghamton on the path to Detroit-level devastation. However, all is not lost. The hope of prosperity is evidenced in the success of less regulated and prosperous Native American tribe businesses in the state.

J Pat Carter/AP Photo