Nolte: Thieves Steal Tesla’s Electric Vehicle Charging Cables for Copper in California

Tesla charging station
AP Photo/Susan Montoya Bryan

If Democrat-run California wants to force residents into electric vehicles (EVs), Democrat-run California had better start cracking down on crime. Talk about the law of unintended consequences…

“Thieves are targeting high-powered Tesla and other EV charging stations and stealing the heavy cable for the copper metal inside,” reports San Francisco’s NBC affiliate. “In Vallejo, someone cut cables from nine charging stations — leaving Tesla drivers in a bind and causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage and repair costs.”

“I think this is the second time or third that these have been cut,” a local EV driver added. “So they need to put some gates up or something. I don’t know what they can do, but this is pretty inconvenient.”

Don’t you see the beauty of all this…?

EV drivers vote for Democrats.

Democrats pass regulations that demand residents switch to EVs.

Democrats also pass laws that basically decriminalize crime.

Knowing there will be little to no consequences if caught, thieves destroy EV charging stations for their copper.

And the cycle then completes with EV drivers getting what they voted for.

Yes, the very same Democrat-run cities and states that want to force us to drive battery-powered cars are so soft on crime and criminals, the very thing needed to keep those battery-powered cars running are vandalized and made useless.

Even better is the fact that one of the primary reasons people don’t want to move to EVs is reliability: they fear being unable to recharge due to a lack of available charging stations. Thefts like these will only increase that fear.

And how do you stop it? Contrary to what that EV driver said, gates won’t work. If you have tools capable of cutting that thick power cord, you have tools capable of cutting through a fence or a padlock.

One could argue that these charging stations would be better protected if located at gas stations, but I don’t buy that. The reason thieves don’t target gas pumps has nothing to do with their locations and everything to do with the fact that gas pumps have nothing valuable to steal. One sleepy overnight clerk at a 24-hour service station won’t stop these crimes, and you can bet word is spreading through the criminal grapevine about how easy and lucrative this crime is.

Democrats can’t have both. They can’t be both soft on crime and demand we drive battery-powered cars. The good news is that Democrats will never admit this. Nothing will change. Things will only get worse, and EV drivers will get a taste of what they voted for, which grows more bitter with each passing year.

What do I care?

I don’t.

I live here.

I live in a magical land called Toldjaso.

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