WATCH — ‘Guess How Much’: Whole Foods Shopper Claims Apple Costs $7 Due to Soaring Inflation

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d3sign/Getty Images

A Whole Foods shopper shared her frustration at reportedly paying $7 for an apple as people across President Joe Biden’s America struggle with crippling inflation.

In her video, Boston-based TikTok user pulled an apple out of her shopping bag and told viewers about her experience, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

“I literally just did grocery shopping right at Whole Foods, and look at this, look at this. Guess how much this is. This is an apple; it’s called a SugarBee fucking apple, apparently, and look at it. The size of my palm. I thought it was probably just, like, two to three dollars. I scanned this mother-effer — I scanned it — seven fucking dollars, seven!” she claimed.

Video footage shows the upset young woman sharing her experience with viewers:

She then lamented about the state of the economy, saying the apple better taste good for the price. The young woman also said she checked with an employee to see if the price was right, and the worker reportedly confirmed the fruit was $7.

According to the Whole Foods website, a pound of Organic Sugarbee Apples costs $3.99.

It is important to note that $100 worth of groceries in 2019 has now risen to nearly $140 for the same common items as inflation bears down on Americans, Breitbart News reported April 5.

The outlet continued:

According to a Wall Street Journal analysis of NielsenIQ data on the prices of everyday foods such as meat, vegetables, starches, and snacks, Americans are facing a dramatic increase across all categories.

“A Benjamin just isn’t what it used to be,” the Journal’s Stephanie Stamm and Jesse Newman wrote, alongside graphs showing that the average $100 grocery list now costs 36.5 percent more compared to five years ago.

In March, a McLaughlin and Associates poll found that a majority of voters were finding it difficult to cope in Biden’s America as inflation soared, per Breitbart News.

“As citizens suffer from prices about 20 percent higher across the board since Biden assumed office, more than three-quarters of Americans said Biden’s economic plan negatively impacts them,” the outlet said.


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