Are You Artists or Propagandists?


Count me as one of the proud, independent and struggling painters who will not be a shill for the current administration. Let me make it clear — the NEA and artists who take orders from Obama’s henchmen are nothing more than shills for one of the most corrupt administrations this great nation has ever seen. It’s one thing when artists make political art out of personal conviction, however misguided or ignorant we may be, but to be put into the service of the White House propaganda machine in return for grants and/or other considerations at the expense of already over-taxed Americans is despicable and dangerous.

2 fallen angel, 300 dpi

When did artists in this country decide it was a good idea to take marching orders from the government? Did I just wake up in some third-world country from a long sleep or am I having a nightmare where I go back in time to Mao’s China, Stalin’s Russian or Hitler’s Germany? No such luck — this is actually happening here and now and some of you artists are too stupid to figure out you’re being had. Wake the $%@# up! Always question the powers that be! The only “change” that has taken place are the faces in high places. Politicians have an agenda-first, last and always — but make no mistake — these guys are worse, much worse!

Today’s liberals are the art community! From galleries, curators, critics, authors, film makers, musicians, actors, bloggers, magazines, publishers, collectors, directors of art institutions, museums and alternative art spaces to the artists themselves-most are already in lock step with the liberal ideology that has been a long standing tradition. That’s why the conference call between the White House, the NEA and the other artists was an easy call to make … literally. They invited Patrick Courrielche to sit in on the call — too bad for them but great for those of us who care.

In Hollywood, actors and others learn to keep their conservative opinions to themselves if they want to work-I get that! It’s the same thing with conservative visual artists like myself, no matter where we live. That’s why I put out my A Call To Artists video. I wanted to let my fellow artists know they are not alone. What I don’t get is how so many of these artists can be so easily swayed? Are artists truly as talented and intellectual as we have been led to believe or are we the recipients of our own praise and largess at the expense of the little guy we pretend to respect and care for so much? Who is pulling the strings? How many hoops do you have to jump through before you begin to understand that you are not an artist if you are not free to express yourself as you see fit. The artist formally known as Prince understood that and made his choice. I like his art/his music-but right now I really admire his stand.

I known first hand about wrongly being labeled and how much more difficult that makes it to earn a living. I also know what it’s like to be shunned by my peers. What I don’t get are the conservative artists who have had great success and are still hiding in the shadows. How much more money, fame, success do you need to feel safe enough to speak up and what does that say about the state of fear we already live in? What are you afraid of and where are your priorities? Here I must thank Mr. Jon Voight for having the courage to speak out. You, sir, are a man!

Have established artists not figured out that if you don’t speak out and stand up for your rights now you can kiss your freedoms goodbye, along with everything you have earned and worked for your entire life? And don’t worry about who gets what when you’ve passed on. At this rate it will belong entirely to the state. Hell, a lot of it already does!

How much more proof do you need to believe that this has been going on for a long time now — this current administration has just shifted to light speed! They’ve been watching, listening, studying and learning, especially from their mistakes. They have been patient and are now fully entrenched. They believe this is their moment and that they cannot let it get away — so anything goes!

This is not a sparring session, this is the championship bout, the final round — winner take all and “We The People” better come out swinging!!!


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