There Is a New Movement…


…and it is us!

We are proud! We are united! We are loyal! We are kind and giving! We are decent! We are diverse! We are always seeking to improve ourselves and lift others! We are always the first ones to show up in time of need-anywhere in the world! We are the most powerful country in the world-but we are not bullies! We are family! We are friends and neighbors! We are Americans and we are without a doubt the best example of a free people the world has ever seen-period.


We are ready to let our voices be heard-loud and clear! We are going to show up whenever and wherever we are called to defend ourselves. We are going to defend all patriotic Americans against slander and libel, in and out of court with both our presence and our pocketbooks. We are going to show up in unprecedented numbers and vote out the garbage, both left and right, that claim to represent us but prove otherwise-time and time again. We are energized, organized, determined and willing to stand up against the lies, intimidation, corruption, media manipulation and government fraud that is and has been perpetrated against us for too long now. We are especially ready to fight and stop any and all efforts that are currently being taken to separate us from our constitutional rights!

We Americans must not stop this forward movement to regain our place in the light. We have come out of the shadows and we have made our presence known. We must stay united and we must remain vigilant and strong. We have been decent to a fault, we have been patient and giving to the extreme and apparently, that is not enough? We have turned the other cheek over and over and over again and-enough is enough! Far too many have mistaken our kindness for weakness and have wrongly chosen to try and take advantage of that. With the help of self-loathing apologetic traitors, sham artists, race baiting profiteers, nefarious and/or cowardly elected representatives, the excessively rich (yet constantly angry) simple minded liberal elite and the well intentioned but unfortunately misinformed and naive-those that have designs on our way of life and our country have made strides. There is an open and concerted movement in this country to replace our constitution with another ideology and anyone who is awake knows this to be a fact-no matter how they spin it! They have made a mistake! Those loyal millions that are voting for entitlements-who have none the less been screwed-are not the majority and the radicals were/are a little too eager to get the job done. This may have worked to some degree in the past and maybe it will work somewhere else, but it cannot and will not work here!


We are like no other country in the world-we are as free as a people/country can be and ultimately-we choose our destiny! We are determined to stop this tearing away of the individual and the growth of big government and return our country to our founding fathers vision and keep it that way-no matter what, who, when, why or how anyone or anything tries to change that! Remember what we Americans are made of! This nation is by birth fiercely independent and willing to stand up and do whatever it takes to preserve this way of life for our children and future generations. Despite lies turned rumors to the contrary, we are the most diverse nation the world has ever seen and never more so then today. For good reason this is the country the rest of the world turns to and all of us hard working, decent, caring, patriotic and common sense Americans are coming together the way it was meant to be-it works! The radicals and their minions didn’t count on us banding together-not this soon and desperately continue, with the help of the lame stream media, to act as if things are going precisely as planned-it is not! Do not be fooled-the word is out! More Americans hear the call, open their eyes and join our/their cause everyday. Our elected representatives seem to be a little slow and better get a backbone-soon! They would be wise to listen and to stand up with us or we will find others who will. For our part-don’t forget the radical/liberal/progressive left made it this far and they will not go or give up easily-we must not let our guard down. For those who do not understand what I am talking about and get their information from one source, keep in mind that we conservatives have nothing to hide. We always have links to liberal sites and feature their columns on our own sites-they never do that! Why would that be? What are they hiding? Why are they afraid to feature our “lies” on their sites? Would it not be in their best interest to do so? Get curious and notice what does and doesn’t get on the local and mainstream news-you’d be amazed!

Whatever the color of our skin, whether we are religious or not, rich or poor, old or young-we are united against all those who would come between us, our families, our constitutional rights and our God given freedoms The call to stand up and be counted has been answered and everyday, our numbers swell and the more the radicals push-the faster and stronger we respond!


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