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*Yawn*: Conan Tweets Palin-and-Bachmann-Are-Dumb Joke


Seriously, someone in comedy please please PLEASE make a Democrat the punchline of one of these our-leaders-are-stupid jokes. Why is it that these two beautiful, accomplished conservative women are the only Americans in public life subject to a constant stream of lines like this? Oh, right…

How many of you know that Michele Bachman has not just a Bachelor’s degree and a Juris Doctorate, but also an LL.M. (that’s a Masters of Law)? Is Harry Reid moonlighting as a rocket-scientist or something? Did I miss the memo that Joe Biden is a foremost authority on biblical hermeneutics? But why would comics rib these intellectual giants when they can make Bachmann and Palin the punchline for the eleventy-billionth time?

By all means, Hollywood, poke fun at our leaders, but why not test-drive some new targets? We guarantee you’ll win over a broader audience. Besides, you’ll allow for at least a shadow of a doubt that you aren’t the partisan shills you are. -AM


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