Entertainment Media Ignores Real Reason Rosie Flopped

Entertainment Media Ignores Real Reason Rosie Flopped

As expected, there’s all kinds of analysis surrounding Friday’s cancellation of Rosie O’Donnell’s OWN talk show. You can read some of it for yourself here, here, and here. Some of this analysis is what you would call exhaustive, especially “The Daily Beast,” but none of it is willing to speak the truth about why Rosie’s show really failed — and that’s that America simply doesn’t like her anymore.

Over the course of the last ten years, the funny, likable Rosie devolved into a boorish, divisive, nasty, partisan big mouth — and who wants to spend an hour a night with a boorish, divisive, nasty, partisan big mouth (who doesn’t believe fire can melt steel)? 

By any reasonable standard, Oprah Winfrey could not have found a worse person to prop up her fledgling network. To those of us who have spent a little time outside of Manhattan and Los Angeles, hiring O’Donnell looked the move of a suicidal executive determined to bring down her own network. Why would any sane person choose as their savior the most disliked and unlikable celebrity on a planet where the competition for that title is fierce?

So why does the entertainment media refuse to point out that which is so obvious to the rest of us? 

Because the entertainment media is almost exclusively made up of leftists and leftists don’t want to believe that spreading left-wing propaganda into popular culture turns off the audience. Once that truth is spoken out loud, there will be less propaganda-driven entertainment and that is unthinkable to these folks.

Moreover, they love Rosie. They love that she’s mean and bitter and nasty to anyone who doesn’t worship Obama or believe in same sex marriage or gun control or free abortions for everyone.

The entertainment media loves Rosie for openly and publicly hating on the Right, and again, an admission that this kind of public behavior hurts ratings is a truth that must never be spoken out loud. 


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