Comedy Hack Jon Stewart Refuses to Mock Elizabeth 'Cherokee' Warren

Comedy Hack Jon Stewart Refuses to Mock Elizabeth 'Cherokee' Warren

We know for a fact that Jon “vagina manger” Stewart and the basement-rated “Daily Show” are very much aware of Elizabeth Warren’s existence. The Democrat Senate candidate from Massachusetts has been a guest on the show more than once. In fact, if you want to vomit while watching Stewart kiss a socialist’s ass, click here

What’s becoming glaring, however, is what we haven’t seen on the low-rated “Daily Show,” and that’s Stewart talking about or mocking the fact that for decades now Warren’s been running around pretending she’s part American Indian. 

What could be more ripe for political satire on a low-rated show that claims to be all about political satire than a U.S. Senate candidate’s cynical and bizarre use of non-existent Cherokee blood to receive cherished minority status at Harvard and everywhere else in life?

This is the lowest hanging comedy fruit since a married Congressman named Weiner accidentally tweeted his last name out to the world. But Stewart won’t touch it because his partisan crusade trumps political satire and, like the rest of us, Stewart is well aware of the fact that in a liberal state like Massachusetts, Warren has a chance to unseat Scott Brown and ensure Harry “The Media-Approved Mormon” Reid remains the Majority Leader of the Senate. 

What’s hilarious, though, is that Stewart is proving himself to be even more of a hack than the MSM. Who knew that was even possible? But after weeks of New Media pushing the Warren story and digging up the facts, even the corrupt media’s been reluctantly shamed into reporting it.

But maybe it’s not Stewart’s fault. Maybe there’s been so much high-larity in politics the past couple of weeks that he just hasn’t gotten to a white candidate for the U.S. Senate allegedly abusing affirmative action programs to get ahead in life. With respect to the benefit of the doubt, let’s look at what the low-rated “Daily Show” has found funnier than that:

Same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage.

And, uhm…

Same-sex marriage.

Well, there’s nothing like shilling a dead horse to put America in stitches.

Maybe if Warren had claimed to be 1/32 opposed to gay marriage Stewart would’ve given her some attention.

As far as I know, Stewart’s fellow comedy hacks at “SNL” and the even more low-rated “Colbert Nation” have also ignored Warren’s Cherokee claim.

Cowards and hacks, the whole lot of them. Low-rated, media created sensations, the whole lot of them.

Townhall’s Guy Benson has already taken to mocking Stewart on Twitter.

Let the games begin. 



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