Lovitz on Today's Democrats: Not 'Very Liberal … Close Minded'

Lovitz on Today's Democrats: Not 'Very Liberal … Close Minded'

Jon Lovitz is a registered Democrat. In 2008, the “Saturday Night Live” alum voted for Sen. Barack Obama for president.

Today, Lovitz is more than disillusioned with his fellow Democrats. He tells the Charlotte Observer he doesn’t feel a connection to the party he once proudly called his own.

“Because they changed. I don’t find them very liberal. I find them very closed-minded and stubborn. I don’t know what I am, but people say, ‘You sound like you’re Libertarian.’ I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative,” says Lovitz, who disagrees with the idea that the rich don’t pay enough taxes but adds, “I don’t agree with the Republicans hardly on any of their social issues.” 

Part of what changed Lovitz’s tune was opening a business in the middle of the economic crisis. The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club and Podcast Theatre (which bred the aforementioned controversial podcast) opened three years ago in Hollywood. 

“Now I’m a part of an economy more than I was just getting hired for jobs. I understand it a lot better,” Lovitz says. “I thought it would be a good business opportunity and get my name out there and make some money. We’re breaking even, but it’s tough.”

Lovitz caught the public’s attention earlier this year when he became one of the few comics who dared to aim his jokes at President Obama.


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