10 Reasons to Believe the Left Will Eventually Ban 'Blazing Saddles'

10 Reasons to Believe the Left Will Eventually Ban 'Blazing Saddles'

A lot of people freaked out over my “Blazing Saddles” review because I dared to point to the cold naked fact that someday the Left will ban the film. If past is prologue, that is a perfectly safe assumption.

If for no other reason, the fascist gay left and their media enablers will eventually take “Blazing Saddles” out for the film’s satirizing of homosexuals in the third act. There is no question the hilarious musical scenes led by Dom Deluise will eventually be condemned as “anti-gay hate.”

Today, it is the Left who are America’s censorious killjoys. Almost every day the Left has launched a new crusade to restrict or outright kill speech. Yesterday it was “bossy” (no less than the First Lady joined this fascist crusade). Today it is “sissy.” Last week it was “man up.

Here are ten more reasons….

1. Political correctness has ensured we’re not allowed to see “Song of the South.” Even left-wing film lovers like Roger Ebert support a ban on the 1946 film.  

“I am against censorship and believe that no films or books should be burned or banned, but film school study is one thing and a general release is another,” Ebert wrote in his Movie Answer Man column for the Chicago Sun-Times (www.suntimes.coindeebert.html). “Any new Disney film immediately becomes part of the consciousness of almost every child in America, and I would not want to be a black child going to school in the weeks after ‘Song of the South’ was first seen by my classmates.”

So as you can see, Ebert really is in favor of bans even though he says he is not. And there is a ban. You cannot buy “Song of the South” on home video. It has not been seen in America since 1986.

2. Leftists are removing the word “n***er from Mark Twain’s “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” The novel is widely considered the greatest in American literature, it is a product of its time, it is opposed to racism and slavery. Still, leftists are rewriting it.

If “Huckleberry Finn” isn’t safe, nothing is.

3. Just this week a black comedienne on “SNL” was hammered by leftists for joking about slavery.

4. In 1990, comedian Sam Kinison was attacked for his onstage act, which included jokes about world hunger, gays and AIDS. He backed down.

5. In 1990, comedian Andrew Dice Clay was attacked and boycotted for making jokes about women. Boycotts were led by people in entertainment like Sinead O’Connor and “SNL’s” Nora Dunn. Clay’s career was effectively destroyed.

After the incidents involving Clay and Kinison, comedy was never the same. Left-wing, politically correct fascists, with the help of a complicit media, effectively created sensitivity barriers around certain groups and topics.

American stand-up comedy, which had hit its freedom-zenith between Lenny Bruce and 1990, was over.

6. In 2011, comedian Tracy Morgan nearly lost his career and had to agree to attend GLAAD’s re-education camp after joking about his son’s sexuality onstage.

No one in the mainstream entertainment community or media dared stand up for him.  

7. The Left is banning and attempting to further ban voices of those who do not believe in Global Warming. Already, a major urban newspaper, The Los Angeles Times, has silenced the opposing voices of its very own readers. This fascist zeal is only increasing as the science around Global Warming falls apart. The planet hasn’t warmed in 15 years. More than 90% of the models used to predict Global Warming have been proven false. All they have left is shut up.

8. In 2010, to avoid offending Muslims, Comedy Central censored an episode of “South Park.”

9. Left-wing Democrat Chuck Schumer has announced a serious effort to rewrite and water down the First Amendment. This is a powerful United States Senator proposing this. Worse, Schumer is targeting the most precious speech there is: political speech.

If political speech isn’t safe from the Left, nothing is.

10. On HUNDREDS of American left-wing college campuses, where speech should be freer than anyplace else, unconstitutional speech codes have become the norm.

For decades, in the name of “sensitivity,” the Left has been waging a war of inches against speech (including humor and satire) they don’t like. It is a war where the bad guys employ a weapon called “repressive tolerance,” and it is spreading like a cancer.

It is therefore not speculation to believe “Blazing Saddles” will someday be a casualty of this war — it is only a matter of time.

If you want to know what America would look like if Chuck Schumer and the rest of the political Left win the day, go to one of those college campuses.


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