Liberals Close Their Eyes to 9/11 Tributes, Radical Islam

Liberals Close Their Eyes to 9/11 Tributes, Radical Islam

Before you read this article–please watch.

For the 2008 Presidential GOP convention I was asked to narrate more than 80 percent of the videos shown over those few days. The 9/11 tribute video was something I especially wanted to do.

For me, the most important issue of our 21st century is the War on Terror, specifically from that which it is engendered, radical Islam. While, of course, both conventions that year had their partisan speeches and differences, at least the nation would be united on the 9/11 tribute.

I was wrong.

Instead of a unanimous, heartfelt response, some on the left began to vehemently criticize and politicize the tribute. They were outraged and proceded to apologize for the showing of the video making it about opening painful wounds or memories.

“How dare you remind us!”

My fellow Americans, the towers were brought down–two towers symbolically brought down–and 3,000-plus lives lost that day. Meanwhile, some on the left were offended a video was shown in tribute!

This is the insidious, even treasonous disease that I contend is leading America into a dangerously weakened state. They refuse to identify radical Islamic terrorism as a threat and, while sucking the tit of political correctness, purposely poison the United States’s ability to protect itself.

As a boy I remember watching many shows about the Holocaust, reminding us to “never forget” and referring to the atrocities of Nazi Germany. It seemed as if every week a new documentary about the Third Reich and anti-Semitism was being released, and this went on year after year. So much so, I thought to myself–enough already, “no one will EVER forget.”

The scourge of anti-Semitism will be buried in the dust bin of history! We get it, loud and clear!

Well, time goes by, and here we are in 2014 with anti-Semitism on the rise. Some are denying the Holocaust, and as those who had the visceral experience of living through the tragedy are slowly leaving us, it will be harder to remember until eventually it will be reduced to faded black and white images shown in a museum.

We must “never forget.” So in 2008, seven years after 9/11, there were some on MSNBC and other networks who were outraged by the playing of the video. They said the tragedy of 9/11 was being politicized! Those same people were in denial about the War on Terror! They were in denial about radical Islamic terrorists.

All of a sudden we were told not to call them radical Islamic terrorists. They were now to be referred to criminals! As it is a criminal problem and not one of terrorism.

Are you kidding me? And this is the party that is currently occupying the White House. This is the party who dragged George Bush over the coals for going into Iraq, for not going directly after Osama Bin Laden.

Look I am just an entertainer, and I wrote in 2004, “Iraq will eventually become a hotbed for terrorists.”

I’ve read about Said Qutb who is considered the Father Philosopher of Al Qaeda. In his book, “In the Shade of the Koran,” he clearly states “death to Christians, Jews and the West! Islam is the one true governmental form because it doesn’t separate the head from the body. It doesn’t separate religion from politics.”

This is the basic premise of his book which he fashioned after “Mein Kampf” and was written in the mid 1960s while in an Egyptian prison. This book is often read alongside the Koran. It is taught in the Madrassas throughout the Middle East and has helped influence those radical elements for the last five decades.

It has nothing to do with America’s involvement in the Middle East. If we never stepped foot in any of the countries there, if Israel did not exist, there would still be this movement of radical Islam. If I could see and deduce this, and our current administration cannot, I ask why? Why? It must give us pause.

With all the intelligence, all the briefings from the State Department and the Department of Defense and the CIA, was there such a lack of imagination from the current administration and the whole of the Democratic party for that matter that it has become politically incorrect to call the enemy radical Islamist terrorists?

If we are afraid to define them, imagine what it says to the countries that they arise out of? The moderates are held hostage not only by the extremists but by America’s lack of resolve in defining them. So, on the 13th Anniversary of 9/11 I contend–it is more dangerous to bury the images of the towers coming down and people jumping from them and forget the threat to our way of life then it is to watch a video of remembrance and honor those who have lost their lives by “never forgetting.” Now please watch again and “never forget.”


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