Alec Baldwin Lashes Out at the Late Andrew Breitbart

Alec Baldwin Testifies Against Alleged Stalker

Apparently upset over Breitbart News’s reporting on his bizarre and hypocritical attack on two-time Oscar-nominee James Woods, TV actor Alec Baldwin took to his Twitter account Monday to lash out at the memory of a man who can no longer defend himself, the late Andrew Breitbart:

A few minutes later, Baldwin retweeted this (he has since taken it down):


In our original report, Breitbart News pointed out that Baldwin’s criticism of Woods was an astonishing act of hypocrisy. Just hours after Baldwin himself sought to politicize the tragic shootings of two NYPD officers Saturday, he knocked Woods with the claim that he had done the same.

Moreover, just last year, the New York Post reported that Baldwin called a black, ex-NYPD officer a “coon” in a racially-charged rant followed by racially-charged tweets.

Since the cancellation of his low-rated NBC show “30 Rock,” Baldwin is probably best known for his homophobic death threats against a reporter, for hurling anti-gay slurs at a photographer, and for blaming Breitbart News (among a few others) for the end of his public career.

In his series of Tweets, Woods focused on Al Sharpton as the man responsible for the climate of hate swirling around police officers all over the country today. For a time, Baldwin and Sharpton were colleagues at MSNBC. Sharpton hosts a weekday primetime MSNBC show. Baldwin hosted a weekly show that was canceled after just 4 episodes last November due to an apparent mix of low ratings and the rage-a-holic’s last known homophobic rant.

Before Andrew Breitbart’s passing, Baldwin took to Twitter to call him “a festering boil on the anus of public discourse.” Andrew responded with this:


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