Bundled Cable’s Gouging You for 1650 TV Series You Don’t Watch

AP Photo/Matt Rourke
AP Photo/Matt Rourke

According to a recent Nielsen study the average American watches 40 hours of television a week. That includes live and recorded television. Since there are hour and half-hour series, it is more than reasonable to assume that those 40 hours equal 65 television shows. That means that through the legal racket that is bundled cable you are paying for 1650 series you don’t watch.

The math is simple.

The Daily Beast reports that a breathtaking total of 1715 TV series aired in 2014. Subtract the 65  TV series the average American watches, and you arrive at 1650. Through your cable bill — through the fact that you are forced to pay somewhere around $100 a month for upwards of a hundred channels you neither want nor watch, you are being conned into paying for a large part of the freight for 1650 series you do not watch.

Personally, I watch about 4 series currently on the air.

This is just a fact: the viewership ratings for probably more than 1500 of these series is too low for these series to sustain themselves through advertising, DVD sales, and other ancillary markets. In other words, if these series were forced to survive on only popularity, they would not survive. It is also a fact that the ratings for most of the cable networks that broadcast these shows are too low for the network itself to survive on popularity alone.

So where does the money come from?

A big heaping helping of it comes from a sucker I like to call You.

No one watches CNN. Nevertheless, the left-wing cable network makes hundreds of millions per year from You. Because Your cable or satellite company forces You to get CNN (and dozens of other channels) in order to get the few channels you actually watch, along with dozens of other low-rated networks, a nice chunk of your cable bill goes to CNN.

Yes, that’s correct, a dishonest, race-baiting, anti-gun, anti-Christian network is making money off of You.

How rigged is this swindle? This rigged:

The average cable bill in the United States has increased about 4.5 percent annually over the past 15 years to more than $90 today, according to the Federal Communications Commission. One major reason is the increase in the prices networks charge cable providers to carry their programming — known in the industry as carriage fees.

But those fees don’t always correlate to networks’ popularity.

You are not only paying for shows you don’t watch, You are funding the toxification of our culture and, if You are not vigilant, Your own family.

The giant, wealthy left-wing multinationals that own most of Hollywood and the news media have this scam so perfectly rigged that NOT watching a show means almost nothing to the bottom line. Popularity is not where a huge chunk of the money comes from. It comes from You, whether you watch it nor not.

The only way to make a statement and to stop getting screwed is to cut the cord. Kill your cable or satellite package, completely. If you can live on Netflix and Amazon Streaming, you should. It’s 80% cheaper, good for America, and good for The Children.


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