Math: ‘American Sniper’ To Out-Gross All 18 Anti-War On Terror Films Combined


Over the course of about 5 years between 2004 – 2009, Hollywood produced no fewer than 18 anti-War On Terror box office bombs that defamed our country, our troops, and the righteous cause of the war against Islamic extremism. Every single one of those films bombed. The flop rate was 100%. Even Leftists stayed away in droves.

Let me pass along some settled science…

The domestic box office gross for all 18 of those films was around $300 million — or a pathetic $16 million each. My guess is that Hollywood lost somewhere around a billion — with “B” — dollars producing those box office bombs, that were designed specifically to undermine our warriors and to encourage the savage terrorists determined to kill them (and innocent Arabs and Muslims).

“American Sniper,” a single patriotic pro-troop film that portrays the war against those same terrorist barbarians as righteous, will out-gross all 18 of those anti-War On Terror films combined.

That’s science.

That’s math.

That’s a fact.

In just 10 days of wide release, director Clint Eastwood’s masterpiece has already grossed $200 million. Box Office Mojo now predicts “Sniper” will easily pass the $350 million mark and could possibly gross $400 million.

Here is some more math:

“Sniper” cost just $60 million to produce.

Those 18 pieces of pro-terrorist propaganda easily cost more than a billion dollars to produce.

Just think of how much more money Hollywood and its stockholders would have today if that provincial, bigoted left-wing town wasn’t packed with people who hate America. Or if those same morally illiterate simpletons believed in math and profit.

So far, on top of “American Sniper,” there have been  3 other films that depict the War On Terror as a righteous cause: “Lone Survivor,” “Act of Valor,” and “Zero Dark Thirty.” Together, those 3 films out-grossed all 18 anti-War On Terror films.

NOTE: Almost all American war films are anti-war films, including “American Sniper” and every WWII film starring John Wayne. The question isn’t whether or not a film is anti-war (who isn’t anti-war?), the question is whether the film judges the cause as worth the hell or not. That’s the difference between “American Sniper” and the 18.

And it is all the difference.

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