Watch: ‘Botched’ Patient Uses Massive Breasts to Smash Watermelon in New Clip


Susan Sykes, also known as Busty Heart for her peculiar talent, will appear on the newest episode of Botched Tuesday, where she will use her massive breasts to showcase an impressive skill she has developed over the years.

In the E! series, two of Los Angeles’ best plastic surgeons examine and attempt to remedy disfigured victims of horrible surgeries.

When Sykes enters their exam room on a newly released sneak peek for an evaluation, doctors assume she is seeking to have her insured chest worked on, (each breast is filled with 2,000 ccs of silicone) but much to their dismay, she explains she is actually visiting because she wants to fix an unrelated issue: her stomach.

Shocked, Dr. Dubrow tells her, “I’ve seen you in some movies and television shows and it’s crazy and kind of impressive what you do.”

He continues: “I must ask you this: when did it first enter your mind, ‘I have these big breast implants, I can smash things with them?'”

For those unaware, Sykes has made millions of dollars traveling around the world to participate in talent shows where she smashes various objects with her breasts.

These sometimes include items such as bricks, watermelons, soda cans, baseball bats, to name a few.

“If she gets sick of entertainment, she could always work as a wrecking ball,” Dr. Dubrow jokes.

Susan later admits in the preview she has probably made enough money off of her breasts to buy an island off the coast of Maine as well as open a strip club.

With this kind of a talent, why not retire early?

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