Cord-Cutter Victory: Subscriber Loss Costs Keith Olbermann His ESPN Job

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

A perfect example of one of the many wonderful benefits of cutting your cable television cord arrived this week with the news that Keith Olbermann is out at ESPN.

One of the primary keys to bringing down the left’s death-grip on the American culture is through the simple act of cord-cutting — where you the American consumer cancel your overpriced cable or satellite package and move to streaming television services like Netflix.

You see, most cable networks don’t have enough viewers to survive on advertising rates alone. Without forcing you to pay for dozens of channels you never watch, other than a handful of networks, the whole house of cards comes down.

According to the most recent information available, whether you watch ESPN or not, if it is included on your cable package (and it is on most), you are personally forking over more than a $1.00 a month to the left-wing sports outlet.

Yes, you are subsidizing Keith Olbermann’s multi-million dollar platform to wage war against your values, your faith, your beliefs, and who you are as a person.

Or at least you were

Sports-TV powerhouse ESPN, a profit machine that has long towered over the media landscape, is showing signs of stress as the pay-TV industry goes through an unprecedented period of upheaval.

A decline in subscribers as customers trim their cable bills, coupled with rising content costs and increased competition, has ESPN in belt-tightening mode, people familiar with the situation say.

The company, majority owned by Walt Disney Co., has lost 3.2 million subscribers in a little over a year, according to Nielsen data, as people have “cut the cord” by dropping their cable-TV subscriptions or downgraded to cheaper, slimmed-down TV packages devoid of expensive sports channels like ESPN.

On Wednesday, the company said it was parting ways with star host Keith Olbermann. That followed the exit in May of Bill Simmons, another big name. While Mr. Olbermann’s tendency to make controversial statements sometimes landed him in hot water with ESPN and some of its business partners, including the National Football League, the decision was a financial one, a person with knowledge of the decision said.

You want to see left-wing CNN and MSNBC on the ash heap of history?

Cut the cord.

Tired of paying for racist illegal aliens to produce white-shaming films for MTV?

Cut the cord.

You have the power.

What’s stopping you?

There is a wealth of entertainment online — entertainment like Netflix and Amazon and Hulu surviving on fee-for-service subscribers not a racket that forces you to pay for shows and networks like MTV and CNN that want to see you and everything you believe in destroyed.

Streaming is also cheaper. A lot cheaper. Crazy cheaper.

Olbermann need only be the beginning. 


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