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Watch: Heroic Soldier Takes Down ‘Kidnapper’ After Accidentally Wandering Onto Movie Set


General Omar Bradley once said, “Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death.”

A soldier, who took down an armed man he thought was kidnapping a helpless woman, is being praised for his bravery this week, despite the fact his quick thinking and selfless actions caused major headaches for a crew filming a movie in Russia.

Believing he had walked up on a dramatic kidnapping, an unidentified man, who is reported by the New York Daily News only to be a Russian serviceman, rushed a gun toting madman on what turned out to be a film set.

In the video below, the actor/perpetrator is holding a woman at gunpoint as two other actors draw their guns on him.

After the assailant convinces his two fictional pursuers to drop their weapons, the good samaritan can be seen coming into the shot, and taking down the bad guy, by grabbing his gun-carrying arm and forcing him to the ground.

Members of the film’s crew quickly rushed to inform the soldier the tense situation was staged.

It is unknown if anyone was hurt during the incident, or what was being filmed, but the soldier is being praised for his selfless bravery, nonetheless.

Watch the video below:


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