Embattled ESPN Closes Grantland: ‘We’re Getting Out Of the Pop Culture Business’


According to the left-wing cable news network, CNN, with the announcement that it is closing its Grantland website, ESPN is “getting out of the pop culture business.” This is probably a head-fake on ESPN’s part. For years the sports network has been weaponizing itself into a left-wing juggernaut aimed at the 100 million or so homes that carry the sports channel.

Over the last year or so, ESPN has lost more than 3 million subscribers. Former-fans are becoming increasingly dismayed by the network’s relentless politicization of everything, including sports. The politics-free oasis that once was sports is now a breeding ground for ESPN’s attacks on gun owners, Christians, Conservatives, believers in traditional marriage, and anyone opposed to the horrors of left-wing feminism.

ESPN is almost certainly closing Grantland because the left-wing site is a money loser and nothing to do with a decision to focus on sports, especially in a presidential election year.

Dear America: Keep cutting your cords. It is already having a devastating effect. Bundled cable and satellite is the one-legged stool propping up left-wing outlets like ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, Comedy Central, and MTV.

If you want to put ESPN and the rest down for good, and save a ton of money at the same time: cut the cord and move to streaming. Do it for your country.


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