Actor Tom Arnold Tells Candace Owens to ‘Suck Racist D*ck’

US actor Tom Arnold poses during the photocall of his movie 'Gardens Of The Night' present

Joining Perez Hilton and Shaun King in attacking Candace Owens, actor Tom Arnold told the female, black conservative to go “suck racist dick.” Owens went toe-to-toe with each and landed the knockout blow with, “None of you white men own my blackness.”

The whole brouhaha sounds petty and meaningless, but in reality it is a form of blacklisting, a form of making socially unacceptable a black woman who dares to not think and believe in the ways the political left, the media, and Democrats demand she think and believe.

On Friday, Owens — who is communications director for Turning Point USA, a group that aims to “launch, organize, and support student groups that exist to educate students about the benefits of limited government, capitalism, and freedom — used her verified Twitter account to publish video of her shutting down a group of Black Lives Matters hecklers who had hoped to destroy the event.

The video currently has 1.4 million views and it is not hyperbole at all to say Owens triumphed:

First, actor Don Cheadle attacked Owens, but quickly scampered away after she offered to debate him:

Other than the fact that Owens is a black female who speaks forcefully and eloquently against the absurdity of the left’s victim mentality, what further freaked the left out is when music superstar Kanye West endorsed the video: “I love the way Candace Owens thinks,” he tweeted.

Sitcom superstar Roseanne Barr agreed:

Knowing that the imprimatur of a Kanye West and Roseanne Barr can launch a person or an idea to the next level,  the fascist left quickly went to work. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton told Kanye I’m “so over you,” and Shaun King basically called Owens an Uncle Tom and Kanye West a dupe.

“I am told this is the clip that Kanye saw and loved,” King tweeted. It’s sad actually. For him and for her. A market has always and will always exist for men and women like this who say what bigoted white folk love to hear. They will always have a seat at somebody’s table.”

At this point, Owens whacked Shaun King (nickname “Talcum X”) with a rhetorical two-by-four:

“Out of curiosity,” she asked King, “are you still pretending to be black?”

As we now know, his own family members confirmed to Breitbart News that Shaun King is a white man pretending to be black. And now he is pretending to be blacker than Owens, who actually is black.

And this is when Tom Arnold decided to jump in to tell Owens to “suck racist dick.”

Arnold also attacked his ex-wife Roseanne, lumping her (along with Breitbart News) with conspiracy theorists and “mouth breathers.”

This is yet another example of the unprecedented hell America’s Clarence Thomases, Herman Cains, Larry Elders, Alveda Kings, and the like take for both being black and for refusing to remain on the Left-wing Thought Plantation; the unending hate and racism they face for thinking for themselves, for voting in ways that are not approved by Democrats, for expressing ideas that shatter the handcuffs of the victim mentality that empowers the left.

Democrats have treated black Americans this way since the beginning, since Democrats fought in a Civil War in order to hold on to their black slaves, since Democrats created the Ku Klux Klan to terrorize free blacks, since Democrats created the Jim Crow South to terrorize black voters into not voting.

For hundreds of years, Democrats have had this monstrous need to control the way black people think and vote.

Today, all that has changed are the merciless tactics used by Democrats to enforce conformity — questioning your blackness, social exclusion, the scarlet letter of an “Uncle Tom,” and white men like Tom Arnold sexually denigrating you and getting away with it.

Owens herself summed this up perfectly by responding directly to Perez Hilton, Tom Arnold, and  Talcum X Shaun King with this: “None of you white men own my blackness.”

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