Watch: Rosie O’Donnell Leads Leftist Broadway Performers in Anti-Trump Chants Outside White House


Actress and comedienne Rosie O’Donnell led a group of Broadway performers in a series of anti-Trump chants outside the White House on Monday, as part of a nightly protest against President Donald Trump since his meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

After warming up with a rendition of “America the Beautiful,” the performers sang songs including “Do You Hear the People Sing?” from Les Miserables, “Let The Sun Shine In” from Hair and “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” from The Sound of Music.

“Let the president know in no uncertain terms that we are alive, awake and we are woke,” O’Donnell said to the crowd. “We hope to give you a nice little show and remind you that your voice is important. Whether it’s here in Washington, D.C., or in the town where you live, let your voice be heard.”

Much of the protest, which is now in its 22nd consecutive night, appeared to center around the conspiracy theory that Trump has hidden connections with Russia, as people held signs such as “Lock Him Up” and “Putin’s Puppet.” Previous figures to address the crowd have included Stormy Daniel’s attorney Michael Avenatti and the actress Alyssa Milano.

Rosie O’Donnell, meanwhile, has been in conflict with Trump since the early days of his presidential campaign, and has previously described everyone working under his administration as a “Nazi.”

In an interview with CNN’s Cuomo on Monday, O’Donnell described Trump as a “horrible, horrible human with no soul” while suffering from a “very serious mental disorder.”

“When I watched the Helsinki summit and I, too, watched our president abandon our nation and be totally the betrayer that he is, I was horrified,” she said. “This guy is by no means mentally stable enough to run this country, and he should be impeached, and every congressman who hasn’t filed those articles should lose their jobs.”

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